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Golden Eagles will play with only seven players in Colombia, due to COVID-19

The Eagles of Colombian football asked for the postponement, but they were denied and they must play as best they can against Boyacá Chicó

Águilas Doradas, from the first division of Colombia, announced this Sunday that this afternoon will play his match against Boyacá Chicó for the penultimate day of the Apertura Tournament with the only seven players available to him, since 15 of his footballers have COVID-19 and 7 more are injured.

“Águilas Doradas will be forced to appear today on the field of play with only seven players so as not to be subject to severe sanctions, “the Rionegro (northwest) club explained and clarified that only these players will be able to play the match because the remaining 22 are not available.

The team, which requested the postponement of the match from Thursday and whose request was rejected by the Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor), explained that at first there were 16 infected players, but that one of them has already been enabled and they are waiting for another two to be allowed to play.

“Dimayor approved a regulation at the beginning of the pandemic that today shows that it was light and dynamic (it forces to develop the matches with at least seven players),” criticized Águilas Doradas, who are sixteenth and no longer have opportunities to qualify for the quarterfinals. of the end of the Opening Tournament.

If there are seven players, they must play

The president of the Dimayor, Fernando Jaramillo, assured this week to the channel Win Sports what “If there are 7 players available, you have to show up with those 7 players.”

“It is clear that whoever does not appear loses the points. I understand what is happening, but he has to appear with the 7 players,” said the manager.

According to Águilas Doradas, the president of Dimayor suggested that they register sub-20 players for the game, but this is impossible for them because neither this year nor last was there a championship in that category.

“Today Colombia, with this news, will be sadly famous worldwide in addition to our FPC (Colombian professional football), which once only achieved glory for our nation,” added the golden club.

In addition to the 15 infected players, the Rionegro club, in the department of Antioquia, has four infected in its coaching staff, led by Venezuelan Francesco Stifano.

Today’s game is important because in it Boyacá Chicó can keep his hopes of not relegation alive, for which he will need a victory and hope that Deportivo Pereira, which visits Envigado, does not win.

Precisely, Pereira is involved in a controversy because his rival from last day, Independiente Medellín, sued him because he apparently played with infected footballers the game in which ‘Matecaña’ won 1-0 this past week.

In the event that the Championship Disciplinary Commission fails against Pereira, Pereira may lose the points and jeopardize their permanence in the First Division.

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