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“Go to” – that’s what the killer rocker’s taste for music reveals

“What Facebook? Go to! ”- Gangster rapper Xatar, 2012

Duisburg / TehranWith one hand on the steering wheel, a big watch and a loud bass, rocker Ramin Yektaparast (33) drives through Pasdaran Avenue in northern Tehran. The video that the alleged killer shared on his Instagram profile is bursting with mockery! Because while Yektaparast is wanted around the world for the Stückel murder on Duisburg rocker Kai M. (32), the song “” is playing in his music system …

With 15 million clicks, the song is one of the most successful songs by gangster rapper Xatar (39, real name Giwar Hajabi). In the song that the Bonn musician recorded during his time in jail, he describes his escape from the police after a robbery on a gold truck.

Background: On December 15, 2009, Hajabi and three accomplices dressed as tax investigators and police officers attacked the transport, stealing gold worth around 1.8 million euros.

Xatar was caught by German agents after fleeing from Moscow to Iraq in 2010 and sentenced to eight years in prison. In 2014 he was released early from prison.

Is the song choice a renewed provocation?

In the song, which was released in 2012, the rapper boasted of being wanted, rapping, “What Facebook? Go to Click Xatar’s profile under most wanted. Get some popcorn and pump the song all over again. We Kanak always end up in the courtroom. “

It cannot be a coincidence that Yektaparast is playing this song to its 123,000 followers in this Instagram video.

The alleged piece rocker boasts that he is also being searched for.

Ramin is said to have shot his rocker buddy Kai M. (32) because he thought he was an informant. Parts of the dismembered body were later found in the Rhine.

After a key witness at the Duisburg homicide squad unpacked, the police struck last week. A SEK arrested an alleged accomplice of the prime suspect.

Killer rocker announces statement

Will Yektaparast, like gangster rapper Xatar, at some point have to answer to the German judiciary? At the moment it looks bad for the authorities.

The former boss of the Hells Angels chapter “Hellgate” went into hiding in Iran, the mullah country does not extradite criminals to Germany.

Meanwhile, the wanted person reported on Instagram with an announcement. He says: “There will soon be a small statement on all the allegations and the escape action that I allegedly committed.”

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