Gladys González’s hard story about the pregnancy she lost after the abortion debate in 2018: “I thought God had punished me for having voted in favor of legalization”

Full speech by Gladys Gonzalez

The account of a hard personal experience and a strong criticism of the Catholic Church. The senator of Together for Change Gladys Gonzalez she starred in one of the most emotional speeches in the debate on the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) project.

Gladys González voted in favor of the legalization of abortion in 2018 and will do so again at dawn this Wednesday. At that time, she was going through a nine-week pregnancy that she ended up losing after a few days. For his position, he had received criticism and threats from religious fanatics who, he said, “They prayed for me to go to hell.” After the loss of her pregnancy, she thought that God had “Punished for having voted in favor of the legalization of abortion”.

The senator of Juntos Por el Cambio began by saying that she went to a religious school – “I was baptized, I took communion and confirmation” -, that she lived in boarding schools for nuns and that she used to frequent an Opus Dei center. “I grew up with the precept that the marriage should be a virgin and that sex was essential to procreate”, described his membership in the church, while clarifying that he did not receive sex education at school.

She recalled that on August 8, 2018, in the previous debate over legal abortion, it was very “difficult” because she was trying to be a person “with this religious history” that she related. “Today I could repeat each and every one of the words I said on that occasion, I could do it because nothing has changed, because our poor women continue to die from clandestine abortions, the State has not yet managed to arrive earlier, prevent and save both lives”, continuous. Although he stated that “these are long-term policies,” he stated: “And in the meantime what?”

In this sense, he commented that in these two years “nothing has changed”, except his personal experience “: “On August 8, 2018, I was nine weeks pregnant with my fourth pregnancy, I have three children and I wanted to have a fourth child with all my heart. Before, during and after that debate, we all received insults and threats, I received very painful messages from some of my Christian brothers, saying that they prayed for me to go to hell and that God was going to punish me. On August 10, 2018, two days after that vote, I lost my pregnancy and for a moment I thought that God had punished me for having voted in favor of legalizing abortion “.

Thomas Khazki
Thomas Khazki

Gladys González added that after that unfortunate event, she took refuge “in prayer” and understood not only that the loss “It was because I was 45 years old and my eggs were too weak to conceive again, but fundamentally understood that the God in whom I believe is not a God who punishes, he is a God who loves, who is love, compassion, hope “. And in the middle of the upper house, he asked: “Do you really believe that it is Christian to condemn women who decide to terminate a pregnancy? I don’t think so and I don’t want to, I don’t want to criminalize women who are always, always, desperate, full of doubts and sadness every time there is a woman who decides to interrupt a pregnancy.

“Today I want to ask my Church, Isn’t it time that we make a self-criticism? that we ask ourselves why it takes so long to understand the need and importance of sex education? Isn’t it time to ask ourselves why our Catholic women abort? Look inward and wonder What are we doing wrong that the world is increasingly moving away from our faith and choosing other spiritualities? Why do we want to impose by law something that we could not do because of our own religious teachings? Why do we want to impose punishment and criminalize with the rod of our religion, when we could not do it with our faith and our prayer for our own faithful? ”, He launched the harsh questioning of Catholicism and attacked: “In no way can we want to impose our Catholic morality on all the Argentine people and much less can we want to do it when we have failed with our own precept.”

(Nicolás Stulberg)
(Nicolás Stulberg)

Despite our faith, our prayer and our doctrine we have failed because we have arrived late to understand the importance of sexual education, of access to the use of contraceptives. We could not save the life of any woman or any life “, continued self-criticism and claimed: “Let’s be honest, part of our Catholic Church opposes sex education and the use of contraceptives. Those who oppose it still win the gaze of punishment and guilt, rather than love and compassion. Punishment and guilt only bring more pain and more death ”.

Although his vote was already counted as “green”, González explained: “I was elected to represent all the inhabitants of my province of Buenos Aires: Catholics, Jews, evangelists, non-believers, everyone ”.

“We are to enact laws that guarantee access to human rights, where the State has a health system that protects vulnerable women in an equitable way, where life is not a privilege of those who can pay and death condemns it for be poor. It’s about inequality and hypocrisy “, I continue the fiery speech and questioned once again those who will vote against the project: “Do you want to criminalize when it is our fault for not having arrived on time? we must take charge as a State and as a Church that is late. Let’s give an answer not from punishment, but from compassion and love so that not one more woman dies, in order to have a chance to save both lives ”.

(Gustavo Gavotti)
(Gustavo Gavotti)

In that sense, he added that “Clandestine abortion is a business that is hardly interested in saving a life.” “The underground kills, it does not save any life. It is proven that this law does not oblige anyone to abort “, he emphasized.

“The State that I want, of which I am a part and for which I am responsible, must respond not with the Penal Code but with an equitable health system, with open doors, with love and compassion, only then will we have a chance to save both lives . Let it be law “He concluded to applause from his peers.

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