Gladys González and a strong revelation

“In August 2018 I was pregnant with my fourth pregnancy. Before, during and after that debate, we received insults and threats. I received very painful messages from some of my Christian brothers, who said that they prayed for me to go to hell and that God was going to punish me. I lost my pregnancy and for a moment I thought that God had punished me for voting in favor of legalizing abortion”, Revealed González.


The senator recalled that she “took refuge in prayer” and understood that her loss had to do with my age. “But I understood that the God I believe in is not a God who punishes but a God who loves, who is love, compassion and hope,” the legislator completed.

Do you really believe that it is Christian to condemn women who decide to terminate a pregnancy? I don’t think so and I don’t want to criminalize women who are always desperate, full of doubts and sadness, every time they decide to interrupt a pregnancy“said the senator.

In this context, González asked the Church for “a self-criticism” about why Catholic women abort and move away from religion and added: “In no way can we impose our Catholic morality on all the Argentine people, much less when we have failed with our own precept. We have been late in understanding the importance of sex education and the importance of contraceptives. We have failed because we have not saved any woman or any life ”.

Similarly, the senator of Together for Change considered that “The State has to protect vulnerable women in an equitable way”, and expanded: “It is about inequality and hypocrisy. I got to choose for myself, and my daughters can choose for them. But the majority in this country do not have the same possibilities “.

“We have to take charge as a state that is late, as a Church that is late. Open doors so that not one more woman dies, in order to save both lives, ”insisted Gladys González.

At the end of her presentation, the senator remarked that “Now the State must take charge and prevent women from dying”, and indicated: “Clandestine abortion is a business that is hardly interested in saving a life. Clandestinity kills, it does not save any life, as it has been proven that this law does not oblige anyone to abort ”.

“The God in whom I believe is synonymous with love and compassion, and the State must respond with an equitable health system, with love and compassion, only then will we have a chance to save both lives. Let it be law “González concluded.

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