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Giro: a young woman who spent 10 years missing fled her home and was not sold to the trafficking network | Chronicle

The case of the discovery of a young woman, who disappeared 10 years ago in Mendoza when she was 14 years old, could take another course after the statement of the prosecutor in the case, Fernando Alcaraz placeholder image.

According to the judicial official, The teenager fled her home in 2011 to escape the exploitative situation that the victim suffered at home from the Mendoza city of La Paz. “The purpose of the trip was to end suffering and personal degradation “, said the prosecutor in charge of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office No. 2 of Mendoza.

From the young woman’s statement, the mother and the stepfather were arrested on December 30 and are investigated by the crime framed in the human trafficking law, which carries a penalty of between 5 and 10 in prison for being a relative.

However, Alcaraz clarified in a statement that the victim “was not handed over to a human trafficking network”, as initially mentioned, but escaped on July 8, 2011 “after years of being victimized by human trafficking for sexual exploitation purposes”.

The removal from his parents’ house was “fleeing from the home where she was abused, she traveled to the province of San Luis and then went to the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires ”, adds the statement.

The young woman, identified as CA, is now 24 years old and the Federal Police were able to identify her in Buenos Aires last May, as a result of the woman presenting herself to a Social Development office to request the possession of her children (she would have two in Buenos Aires Aires). From that moment on, she was assisted medically and psychologically, according to the brief official information because the cause is under summary secret.

His name was on the Missing Children and Interpol wanted list. At first, she was wanted by her relatives, by her friends and teachers at Marcelino Blanco High School, and by her neighbors.

On December 30, National Gendarmerie personnel raided the home of CA’s parents, located on San Martín Avenue in the municipality of La Paz. There were the mother Mónica Maturano and stepfather Alberto Orozco. Both were arrested on suspicion of sexual abuse and human trafficking and sent to jail.

Prosecutor Alcaraz charged and ordered the arrest of three people for the alleged violation of the crime of trafficking in persons aggravated by the criminal acts. Among the detainees, in addition to the young woman’s mother and stepfather, there is a third person involved as a participant in the crime of human trafficking, although his identity was not made known.

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