Gio dos Santos has been highly questioned by the Azulcrema fans; finally scored in Guard1anes 2021 after so many absences

The Mexican striker Giovani dos Santos scored America’s second goal against Necaxa, so he was reunited with the bow after six and a half months of misfortune and after a series of injuries that have prevented him from having regularity.

Giovani reappeared in the starting team in place of the injured Sebastián Córdova. The winger had not started for 10 games, when he received the opportunity from coach Santiago Solari to start against Atlas (matchday 3). Dos Santos scored with a header after a cross after a free kick and with which he beat goalkeeper Edgar Hernández.

Gio’s last entry in the MX League was in the National Classic of the past Guard1anes 2020 and whose score meant victory for his squad by the slightest difference.

The footballer is under evaluation by the Azulcrema leadership, since his contract will end at the end of Guard1anes 2021. That much happened on September 19 of last yearO.

At the end of February, the team’s president, Santiago Baños, acknowledged that the board has not yet decided whether to renew the 31-year-old Mexican.

“It is still early to make a decision. We will sit closer to the end of the tournament to do an analysis if we renew Gio or some other player,” he told ESPN Radio Formula.

This is Gio’s first notation in the current championship and after six matches played.

Before his goal, the oldest of the Dos Santos brothers had a chance to face goal in the first half, but not so clear. After that action he lost in the field, until he found a head that meant -in those moments- the return on the scoreboard after Necaxa went to the front with a goal from Martín Barragán in the first half and later Richard Sánchez equalized with a great goal from a free kick.