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Ginés González García anticipated that the second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine will arrive in the middle of the month

He second flight of Aerolineas Argentinas In search of Sputnik V, he will depart for Moscow on January 14 at 8:35 a.m. and will return on January 15 at midnight.

The head of the health portfolio indicated that in addition to the new shipment of Sputnik V, “At the end of March the AstraZeneca vaccines will enter”.

Along these lines, he reported that the country continues to negotiate with three suppliers: “We have made a new proposal to Pfizer and we will see if they accept it. We are negotiating with China and also with Brazil.”

Days ago, President Alberto Fernández had explained: “The plan we have is for Russia to finish giving us the 300 thousand second doses in the first days of January and by the end of January we have 4 million of the first dose and 1 million of the second dose. “

“There is a drama in the world today and it is that there are still no vaccines and the vaccines that exist and are being put in place are difficult to work with,” said González García.

On the other hand, he clarified that “there are a few months left” for the vaccine to work, so it is essential to maintain care and social distancing.

“There is no vaccine that works if you do not have the care that you have to take. We want all citizens to understand that they have to take care of themselves. For the vaccine to act there are a few months left. Today, distancing and care are essential,” concluded the official.

Meanwhile, the vaccination operation continues, with at least 70 thousand people already inoculated. Argentina, of the entire region, is the country that has vaccinated the most, but it is still missing ”, noted the minister.

The vaccination campaign is already being implemented in the 24 jurisdictions of the national territory, starting with the 300,000 doses that arrived from Moscow on December 24 last.

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