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Ginés González García and the legalization of abortion: “It will not be easy to apply, we have a great challenge”

Ginés González García, Minister of Health of the Nation
Ginés González García, Minister of Health of the Nation

After the historic legalization of abortion, approved today in the Senate of the Nation, the Minister of Health Ginés González García he referred to the new law for the first time. Although he said he was happy with the triumph of the government’s project that will allow the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE), the official tried to lower the level of euphoria and warned that the application of the measure will not be easy.

“I think we have a great challenge ahead of us. This will not be easy to apply because of what happened with what is already approved, which is the legal interruption, which even has court rulings. The application in every part of the country is not the same. Now we have to put a lot, a lot of effort and will into it, “said the minister in dialogue with the journalist. Reynaldo Sietecase in Radio With You.

He stressed that the legalization of abortion is an important step for society and recognized the level of tolerance and respect both in the Senate and in the street, on an issue that clearly divides society. “I am happy. It is a huge step. One does not stop feeling it in the affective sense but I am not only happy for the debate, which was obviously with the same arguments, but it was much calmer, it was one of more democratic. On the street, what I saw, was with another maturity. Also because of the consequences of this and naturally because it seems to me that the evolution of society is permanent. This has been around for many years, ”added the official.

Similarly, he highlighted the change in the position regarding abortion that part of society has had over the years. Even references such as Cristina Kirchner herself, who initially stated that she was against this practice, although with time she changed her position. “We are all changing and thus societies mature and evolve. It should not be taken as a triumph for one group or another, but rather it is a collective improvement that is obviously optional and will be of free social access. We will eliminate the tragedies that accompany this circumstance. In recent years there has been a tremendous technological innovation and it is solved even on an outpatient basis. This removes a lot of the ugly stuff about this. They were avoidable deaths. Many of them hurt, “said the minister.

The street celebration of the legalization of abortion
The street celebration of the legalization of abortion

Among other issues, González García also took the opportunity to reply to the Church, which had expressed severe criticism of the approval of the law, and recalled that for years he had been questioned about his positions on various issues in addition to abortion. “They told me in 2005 that I was the minister who challenged God. They told me about abortion, about sex education, about the distribution of contraceptives. It was also because of a report that I said that I agreed with the legalization, ”the official recalled.

In the same sense, the Minister of Health was asked about the statements of the Argentine Archbishop Marcelo Sanchez Orondo, a member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, who said among several things that Argentina, despite having a pope born in the country, “gave in to the mainstream of thought” and that “it passed a law that is unconstitutional.” .

“I do not agree with this because if not the problem that the Vatican has is great because Italy does this, France does this, because Spain does this, Ireland does this and they are Catholic countries. The most Catholic in Europe. If you want to put that doctrine into practice, let them also tell the central countries. It cannot be that they act like that with ferocity towards Latin America. This in Europe they do not. I respect all beliefs but what cannot be is that beliefs are above the evidence, “he criticized.

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