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Get Inspired At Home With Asian Food And Win These Sushi Rolls

Asian food has been all the rage in recent years, especially Japanese. This is how chef Nicolás Abumohor explains to us, who explains that sushi is part of the diners’ preference.

“But in reality what we know as sushi is not purely Asian food. What we appreciate as sushi is the fusion of North American cuisine and lately the fusion of Peruvian cuisine. Since the arrival of the Japanese in these two countries, cultures have been exchanged and the sushi that we eat today was born from there.

That is why the name given to the famous scrolls as: California, that incorporates avocado and cream cheese and in the case of the Peruvian-Japanese fusion (nikkey) containing tempura prawns and acevichada sauce.

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So you have to understand that there is a wide range of types of sushi that we must know to know where they come from ”, explains the chef.

Although it is difficult to frame all of them in a single style, we are going to frame the types of sushi in three: Japanese sushi, North American and Peruvian Japanese (Nikkey).

What is sushi

For most people it is raw fish, the star dish of Japanese cuisine, but is it that simple? Not at all. Sushi is actually a way to prepare rice, not just raw fish with a side. In fact, sushi always has rice but it doesn’t have to carry fish. There are exceptions in which the fish is cooked (such as the varieties with eel) or, instead of fish, fish roe, omelette, pickled vegetables, fermented soybeans or other ingredients are used, even national ones, as we have seen combinations with ripe banana and crab.

To better understand this part, the dish that always has raw fish is sashimi, which, unlike sushi, does not have rice. They are two Japanese dishes that are often confused and that are completely different.

The offer of this food is very wide and varied in Ecuador. Who doesn’t melt looking at the famous sushi rolls on the table? There are countless Asian food restaurants in cities, especially the main ones. The pandemic caused a lot of suspicion in Chinese restaurants, however, sushi remained a favorite food.

California Roll Recipe (for two rolls)


– Half a cup of sushi rice

– Rice vinegar

– 2 salaries want

– Sesame

– Avocado

– 4 palitos de kanikama (cangrejo)

– Gherkin


To make the rice

In a pressure cooker place the rice with the same amount of water plus a finger and a half of the same cup. Cover and leave over high heat until the valve of the pot sounds. From the moment it sounds, leave it on low heat for 7 minutes and the pot for 6 more off. Once the time is complete, you must release the pressure on the pot and remove the rice as soon as possible so that it does not stick. After that, put in rice vinegar and cool by fanning it until you achieve it and place the rice in nori seaweed. Then add the sesame and turn the seaweed over with the rice and sesame.

Finally we fill with kanikama, avocado and pickle and roll.

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