Curly hair deserves special treatment so that you get the most out of your curlers and show off an impressive mane.

Hair exfoliation is of the utmost importance to achieve our goal. It allows the cells of the scalp to regenerate, contributes to blood flow and unclogs the pores ensuring that the strands are stronger.

The experts from @ reyna.afro explained a perfect recipe for a natural sugar and ginger scrub that will allow you to hydrate the hair and achieve radiant curls.

Natural scrub for a perfect curl

To prepare a natural and homemade scrub with which you can achieve a perfect curl You will only need two tablespoons of sugar, two slices of ginger and two tablespoons of conditioner.

The first thing you have to do is boil the two ginger slices in a pot of water. Once you do this, let the water sit until it cools.

Later, mix the ginger water with the sugar and the two tablespoons of conditioner until all the ingredients are completely integrated.

If you wish You can add a few drops of coconut oil for hair or tea tree oil to the preparation. Both products are antimicrobial, that is, they reduce the risk of skin infection due to the presence of external agents.

Application mode

When you have already obtained your natural scrub for perfect curls, go applying it on your scalp gently. It is best to divide your hair in two to make the procedure easier.

Massage your head for 5 minutes. And once the corresponding time has passed, remove the conditioner with plenty of water until you make sure that the exfoliator has completely come off.

After this procedure, you can wash your curly hair with shampoo or apple cider vinegar, according to your preference.

It is recommended to apply this scrub once a week and, later, undergo deep hydration so that the nutrients in your hair can be balanced.

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