Germany vaccinates against Corona: Now it needs absolute transparency about the side effects

opinion Germany vaccinates against Corona

Now we need absolute transparency about the side effects

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101-year-old from Saxony-Anhalt was the first to receive the corona vaccination in Germany

In Halberstadt in Saxony-Anhalt, the vaccinations started one day before the official start. In a senior citizen center, 101-year-old Edith Kwoizalla and around 40 other residents after her were vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The vaccinations against the corona virus have finally started in Germany. So far, however, many German citizens are not convinced that they really want the injection. Only absolute transparency helps against vaccination skepticism.

Edith Kwoizalla is the first person in Germany to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The 101 year old lady from Halberstadt endured the vaccine poke stoically. Now it has become the new model for fighting pandemics in this country. In the coming months everyone who wants to get vaccinated one by one. If all goes well, Christmas and New Year’s Eve could again be celebrated on a large scale, with friends and relatives, with feasts and parties. If 60 percent of Germans follow Edith Kwoizalla, everything could be fine again.

One can forgive the fact that the senior center in Saxony-Anhalt started so one day before the agreed vaccination appointment. The vaccine and a vaccination team were there, the seniors and nurses ready – so what are you waiting for?

In fact, every day now counts. Because every day far more than ten thousand people in Germany are infected, and hundreds die of Covid-19 every day. If something is to return to normal in the next year, then every available vaccine dose should be vaccinated as quickly as possible.

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But one thing is also clear: many people are skeptical about the vaccination. The very rapid approval of the active ingredients and the new method of production make many hesitate. Are those who are the first to be vaccinated more privileged – or are they just guinea pigs? After all, there were already the first serious side effects against the vaccines from Biontech-Pfizer and Moderna. The first clinics in Texas, USA, are already reporting that they cannot get their vaccination doses to men, also because a large part of the medical staff there refused.

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Vaccination is so far the only means that seems possible to stop the pandemic. In order to dispel fears and mistrust of the active ingredient, the health authorities are now called upon to monitor the vaccination and possible side effects. How often is there really redness and pain at the injection site? How often do people who have been vaccinated have aching limbs or even fever? Who and how often do allergic reactions occur – and are they life-threatening? And: does the vaccination actually protect against an infection or only against the severe course of the disease?

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There are still many unanswered questions – and that is exactly what needs to be communicated honestly. Only if the vaccination campaign is accompanied with great transparency in the following weeks, if those responsible maintain their credibility, only then will enough people declare themselves ready for a vaccination.

So far there is only the SafeVac 2.0 app from the Paul Ehrlich Institute, in which vaccinated people can voluntarily enter side effects. But there is no central, serious register.

But who enters it and where if Edith Kwoizalla or other senior citizens have side effects or long-term effects? Who cares when the mobile vaccination teams have moved on or vaccination centers are dismantled? The vaccinated themselves? The family doctors? The overview necessary for the acceptance of the vaccination and thus for a quick end to the pandemic is missing.

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