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Germany strengthens its climate goals after censorship of justice

The German government announced on Wednesday its intention to increase its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets after the Constitutional Court ruled that part of its climate law is insufficient.

Berlin now wants to reduce its emissions by 65% ​​in 2030 compared to 1990, compared to 55% previously, and then by 88% in 2040, with the goal of reaching carbon neutrality in 2045, five years ahead of schedule, announced the Minister of Finance, Olaf Scholz.

These goals are “really ambitious” and “achievable”, assured his counterpart from the Environment, Svenja Schulze, at a press conference.

“Next week” a bill will be presented in the council of ministers, said these two officials of the SPD (Social Democrats), who govern together with conservatives Angela Merkel.

The German government had indicated that it wanted to react quickly to the landmark ruling by the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court, which at the end of April partially rejected its previous climate targets, adopted in December 2019.

“This is a new legal perspective that can have many consequences” and which stipulates that “we have to do even more” for the younger generations, Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed on Wednesday in a video exchange with Dutch students.

The judges, requested by four environmental groups, ruled that the legislation “does not conform to the fundamental rights” of the youngest.

According to them, the government had not provided “sufficient requirements for a further reduction in emissions from the year 2031.”

“Young people remind us that we are too slow,” acknowledged Merkel.

The environmental issue has become the center of German public debate in recent years, with numerous demonstrations by young people led by the “Fridays for future” movement.

On the eve of the parliamentary elections on September 26, several polls put environmentalists in the lead.

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