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German arms exports in the billions for the crisis region in the Middle East

Dhe federal government approved arms exports worth more than one billion euros in 2020 to countries involved in the conflicts in Yemen or Libya. For Egypt alone, exports of arms and military equipment worth 752 million euros were allowed until December 17. This emerges from a response from the Federal Ministry of Economics to a request from the Bundestag member Omid Nouripour, which the German Press Agency has received.

Larger amounts are also allowed to Qatar (305.1 million euros), the United Arab Emirates (UAE, 51.3 million euros), Kuwait (23.4 million euros) and Turkey (22.9 million euros) Armaments are delivered. In addition, permits were issued for Jordan (1.7 million euros) and Bahrain (1.5 million euros). The bottom line is that it all adds up to 1.16 billion euros.

All of the countries mentioned play a role in at least one of the two conflicts that have been going on for years. In Yemen, an alliance led by Saudi Arabia is fighting alongside the government there against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels. The alliance includes the UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan and Bahrain. However, Saudi Arabia is primarily involved in the fighting.

Coalition agreement not fully implemented

In the Libya conflict, Qatar and Turkey are involved on the side of the internationally recognized government of Prime Minister Fajis al-Sarradsch in Tripoli. The most powerful adversary of Sarradsch, General Khalifa Haftar, on the other hand, is supported by the UAE and Egypt. There is currently a ceasefire in Libya and the hope for peace.

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