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“Gerardo Martino will end up calling Chicharito to return to El Tri”, according to ‘La Mirada de Faitelson’

The spectacular scoring start of Chicharito Hernández in the MLS, where he adds 5 annotations in just two games, added to the great tournament that Santiago Ormeño has been doing with Pueblas, being the top scorer of the tournament Guard1anes 2021, once again opened the debate on the possible calls for the Mexican National Team that he directs Gerardo Martino.

“The subject of the scorers is quite talked about, but it is necessary to do it one more time,” he said. David Faitelson in one of the topics covered in this Wednesday’s edition of the podcast ‘The Faitelson Look’. “Chicharito started the championship with a very good rhythm. His five goals in the first two games of the tournament suggests that at any moment he will pressure to return to the Mexican National Team. And on the other hand, the issue that refers to the Mexican-Peruvian striker who has distinguished himself by scoring goals with the modest Puebla team, also seems to claim, in quotes, a place in El Tri.

Although so far Ormeño has not been summoned by either Mexico or Peru, it should be mentioned that he was already included by the South American country in its pre-list of 50 players for the America Cup. Ormeño has 9 goals and is the top scorer in the current tournament of the Liga MX, above Henry Martín, José Juan Macías and Ángel Sepúlveda who add up to 6 each.

“I think the issue with this forward is if we are not making the call or the call to the Mexican team cheaper. I have nothing against him, he seems to me an excellent footballer, but his 16 goals in three seasons make me think that he needs more. Transcendence to be able to reach the national team. That is, if we want to set the bar high to reach Tri, now if we want to lower it, then I think it could be taken into account, “acknowledged the podcast host.

In his analysis, Faitelson added that “the issue of Chicharito is hot. With the scoring rhythm he is taking, he is going to put a lot of pressure to be taken into account. I still wonder if there is not an unannounced sanction that has to do with the problems that have arisen. in the last presence of Javier Hernández in the national team in 2019, where he was part of an indiscipline and has not returned since. Although it must be clarified that this absence is also due to the fact that his numbers have not helped, but now his statistics begin to speak”.


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David Faitelson believes that for a matter of justice, ethics and fair play, the games on the last day of the tournament should be at the same time.

“I think if he manages to maintain his scoring consistency, then Tata Martino will have no choice but to summon him. Just as the coach explains that Ormeño has not been called because he is a striker who does not participate in the elaboration of plays although he does have a goal, in the case of Chicharito, he is facing a player with historical connotations and who, if he continues at this rate, there will be no reason to leave him out of a call, “he remarked.

Next, Faitelson referred to the idea that “in that aspect lies the difference between one and the other: while Ormeños points to Peru, Chicharito aims to return to Tri. Of course there is also the case of Raúl Jiménez who will have to pass for a long period of recovery from the injury he suffered some time ago. We all think that the Wolverhampton forward will be Mexico’s center forward in the World Cup and even in the qualifying rounds. But we will have to see how he returns and, most importantly, how he will go managing the English team their return to the courts, after the coach Nuno Espírito Santo He has already said that they will first have to evaluate him before authorizing him to play for Mexico. “

“To summarize, I see a return of Chicharito to the National Team with more possibilities than a call by Santiago Ormeño. Especially if the current LA Galaxy striker continues to score game after game. I think that sooner rather than later, Gerardo Martino will finish calling back the historic scorer of the Mexican team, “he concluded by saying.

Note: editing “The Faitelson Look ‘It also includes his opinion that Cruz Azul is currently the best team in Mexican soccer and, above all, what remains to be defined on the last date of the tournament.

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