Gerardo Fernández Noroña refuses to wear a mask in Venezuela

Mexico City /

The PT legislator Gerardo Fernández Noroña refused this morning to attend the installation of the new National Assembly of Venezuela, after refuse the instruction to wear a mask during the ceremony as part of the health protocol for the covid-19 pandemic.

“With the novelty that you have to go with a mask to the installation of the National Assembly in Venezuela. So I traveled in vain, I will stay all day in the hotel, “he confirmed on social networks.

As president of the Mexico-Venezuela Friendship Group of the Chamber of Deputies, the deputy of the Labor Party He was invited to the installation session of the National Assembly for the period 2021-2026 and to that end he arrived yesterday in official trip to the city of Caracas.

The user identified on Twitter as Manuel Díaz questioned Fernández Noroña: “What difference does it make to abide by the rules of where you were invited? I send you a hug with envy that you are there ”.

The legislator reaffirmed his refusal to use a mask and even announced that he will stop traveling for a while to avoid it:

“From the previous invitation, I told them that if I had to use the mask I wouldn’t come. I think this time we forgot both parts. I will not use something that does not serve to prevent contagion and gives a false sense of security. I will not use it here or in China. So I’ll stop traveling for a while. “

He reaffirmed his support for the new National Assembly of Venezuela related to President Nicolás Maduro, but clarified that this does not imply “making concessions” on his convictions.

“Resolved: It was not a wasted trip. But this does not imply making concessions in my convictions. For that the trip to Venezuela served. I supported them by coming, and I will not go to the National Assembly facility, for not wearing the mask, “he said.

The deputy starred in a discussion on November 26 at the National Electoral Institute (INE), refusing to abide by the provision on the mandatory use of face masks, arguing that the intention was to muzzle him. In a session of the General Council of the electoral body, the President Counselor Lorenzo Córdova ordered Fernández Noroña to use a mask, but he reversed:

“I know they want me gagged and I will speak without a gag, because I also drink a lot of water, I consume a lot of energy at the time of intervention and I cannot drink water with the mask on.”

The electoral advisers and representatives of political parties then decided to leave him alone in the room and listen to his intervention telematically from their respective offices.


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