Georgia, Arizona, Colorado: Where Trump supporters still raged

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With guillotine, guns and horses – where other Trump supporters raged

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This is how a British TV team experienced the storming of the Capitol

Supporters of US President Trump storm into the Capitol. Stones are thrown at police officers, windows and doors are kicked. A British TV team was there up close.

The world’s eyes were on Washington DC when Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol. But there was also trouble in other parts of the United States. The President’s faithful came with guns, horses – and a guillotine.

NSupporters of US President Donald Trump marched up on Wednesday not only in Washington, DC: The congress buildings in Georgia and New Mexico were evacuated as a result. There were protests in at least three other states.

In Atlanta, the capital of the state of Georgia, around 100 supporters, some with rifles, gathered in front of the Capitol. As a result, the chief election overseer, Brad Raffensperger, and his staff had vacated their offices in the parliament building, said Gabriel Sterling, senior electoral officials in Georgia. The decision of the Republican Raffensperger was made internally.

“We saw things happen at the Georgia Capitol and we thought we shouldn’t be here, we shouldn’t be a spark,” Sterling told the AP news agency. President-elect Joe Biden prevailed in the November election in Georgia by around 12,000 votes against Trump.

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The anger of the outgoing president was directed primarily against Raffensperger. In the runoff elections for the Senate seats in Georgia, the Democratic candidates now also prevailed against the Republican incumbents, which means that the Democrats now control the entire US Congress.

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Storming the US Congress

Trump supporters with guns were also seen in Georgia. In New Mexico, police took employees out of a building that houses the governor’s office, among other things. According to the information, this was a safety precaution because hundreds of demonstrators had previously arrived there in a column of vehicles and on horseback.

In Madison, Wisconsin, Trump supporters also surrounded the Capitol for several hours. In Phoenix, Arizona, the picture was similar, where demonstrators also brought a guillotine with them, which they placed in front of the building, on which they also destroyed a pane.

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In the city of Denver, Colorado, the mayor ordered several buildings to be closed after hundreds of people gathered there to protest the election results. There were also protests in South Carolina.

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