Genesis It is a relatively young brand, but in its few years of existence it has attracted the attention of the public with spectacular prototypes that later have been transformed into production models that are practically as colorful. The Genesis X Concept, at least a priori, it does not advance a specific future model, but rather what the company’s master design lines will be.

Genesis Mint Concept: a luxury compact with a quirky approach

It is a coupe-cut grand tourer with athletic shapes and careful aerodynamics. It should be noted first of all that although it has elements of the combustion models at the design level (like that huge grill), it is a 100% electric model. Of course, since it is a design study, no more details have been revealed about it.

The diamond shaped front grill, of great dimensions and that acts as a vanishing point for the rest of the elements. Underneath the bumper integrates a large central air inlet guarded by two others, and from the top part some peculiar optical groups formed two thin parallel lines that extend beyond the wheel arches.

On the long bonnet you can already see the beginning of the beltline brand, the five-spoke design wheels in a matte finish hide lime green brake calipers, the mirrors are minimalist and the roof drop is smooth to the rear , where the optical groups replicate the format of the forwards.

The cabin of the Genesis X Concept clearly differentiates between the driver and the rest of the passengers, giving the area of ​​the latter a finish in brown, with a large digital instrument panel and a center console facing him, while the rest of the seats and the interior in general is black.

SangYup Lee, Genesis Global Design Director, said: “The Genesis X It can be described as the definitive vision of ‘Athletic Elegance’. The distinctive theme of the two lines and sustainable luxury will be the blueprints for the futuristic designs and cutting-edge technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models. “

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