García Larraburu, one of the undecided, spoke out in favor of abortion

The senator from Río Negro for the Front of All, Silvina Garcia Larraburu, was one of the many legislators who were in doubt regarding the vote for the decriminalization and legalization of Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy (IVE). After the half-sanction of the Chamber of Deputies, now the initiative is debated in the Senate and the legislator did not hesitate to show in her speech her position in favor of Legal, Safe and Free Abortion. “I vote for a free woman,” he remarked.

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In an emotional speech, the representative from Rio Negro decided to exemplify with a real case: “I want to tell you a real story, the story of Marina. She faced a critical situation, like that of so many women. She makes an effort in her work, she is committed to her You want to progress as a person. You have dreams, goals and objectives. Due to carelessness, perhaps, recklessness or ignorance, you get pregnant. In just an instant, everything collapses. Your life shakes, you feel lonely and helpless. Your beliefs, values, his deep faith collide head-on with the future he had envisioned for his life. ” And I add: “Marina feels a lot of guilt, fear paralyzes her, in her deepest feeling she believes that there may be a divine punishment in the future. A punishment that prevents her from having children and starting a family. What she does not find is love, understanding. Nobody finds her. she understands, no one protects her. She knows that the problem is only hers. “

He aimed at the patriarchy, saying that women must constantly demonstrate that they are “fit” and declared that “we always give examination before the male gaze of society and power.” Thinking about the future, she said: “We are going through a paradigm shift and this change is led and led by feminist and environmental struggles. I understood that nothing can stop the advance of history and the legalization of the Voluntary termination of pregnancy it is the demand of the new generations. All the laws that expanded rights were resisted by some sectors, at the time it was said that women had no preparation to vote and that divorce was going to be the end of families. All these predictions had a single ulterior motive: to avoid what the free woman means. “

Although during the 2018 vote he was against, Larraburu He remarked: “At this time I understood that beyond my personal position or my belief system, we are facing a problem that requires a political and public approach. In this sense, the proposal that our government develops is comprehensive and overcoming that dialogues head-on with the Thousand Days Plan. The State is present in both initiatives. ” And he added: “With this law we make visible something terrible that happens and always happened. We do it without discriminating, valuing and without discriminating against women, respecting them. Women will be able to decide, leave clandestinity and act safely.”

Closing with the real case of Marina, very emotional and on the verge of tears, the senator from the FdT expressed: “The end of Marina’s story is different from what we imagine. She had her savings, she was able to pay for a clandestine operation that miraculously went well. Marina cried, Marina got depressed, got up and went on. He formed a family. Marina did not forget and sadness visits her from time to time, because every decision always has a cost. We know of thousands of cases of women who have not suffered the same fate and who have died or have lost their ability to procreate. Marina continues with her faith intact and does not dare to judge another woman because she knows that only those who were in her shoes can understand what she feels. “

He also remarked that “Marina believes in God, believes in a truly merciful God” despite having had an abortion some time ago and said: “Two years ago I was in this room holding a different position than today, things changed. I learned a lot in this time, I feel that having passed through the two thoughts and emotions regarding this law gives me an added value to understand it from a a broader and more comprehensive place. But above all, of more love and empathy “. And she added: “I am the same senator, who at this time decided to continue listening. Listening to all parties, analyzing different situations, receiving different testimonies. But above all, with deep respect for those who think differently.”

Finally, ending with his lengthy speech, Larraburu sentenced: “My vote is for a free woman, who can act, decide according to her own conscience without anyone ever telling her what to do with her own body. My vote is a deconstructed vote. And it is an affirmative vote” . One more vote for the green scarves who dream of it being law.

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