Gallery: They keep migrants taken over the Santa Fe bridge

Salvador Castro
The Juarez Journal

Tuesday, December 29, 2020 | 22:34

Juarez City- While hundreds of mostly Cuban migrants have taken over the Paso del Norte international bridge on Avenida Juárez, US authorities warned them through a loudspeaker that they could not pass beyond the middle of the bridge, which is a federal restricted area. since they would be detained, processed and there would be a possible application of force.

The general coordinator of the State Council for Population and Attention to Migrants (Coespo), Enrique Valenzuela, came to the place to try to convince them not to spend the night on the bridge given the weather conditions, since freezing temperatures are registered during the morning.

Valenzuela pointed out that it was clear that the US authorities were not going to allow them to enter as a group and the warning was clear that if necessary they would use force.

Users of the aforementioned border crossing were affected with the closure of the bridge, since Customs and Border Protection (CBP) elements placed the barriers with razor wire, and they also carried riot gear.

So far the bridge has not been released as around 300 migrants have gathered who have been waiting for months to submit their application for humanitarian asylum and reiterated that they will not move until their asylum application is received.

The migrants said that they are already tired of extortion by municipal police.

“We are going through many terrible things that nobody imagines, there is a lot to say about the Municipal Police that extort us, the thugs, the mistreatment of jobs; we are not complaining about the government, the president, we are very grateful to the country, ”said one of the Cuban migrants.

He pointed out that they are peacefully asking to be allowed in to ask for political asylum and wait in the United States.

“Here we suffer and we are terrified of being here, we can no longer bear it; we will be here, today tomorrow and the day after. Every day we are going to be here, ”he said.

He said he has been in Ciudad Juárez for seven months and his appointment was scheduled for May 12, 2021.

Some migrants commented that during the day the information spread that the bridge would be open for four hours so that they could pass to the United States and that they would be what they were on a migration list.

It is worth mentioning that the processes of requesting political or humanitarian asylum were suspended due to the pandemic.

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