Poet-songwriter Ilya Reznik explained why in recent years he stopped writing songs for the prima donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva.

“I am often asked – why don’t you write songs for Alla? So I wrote her 71 songs, such a baggage, well, where else? What to write about – about love, about parting? I write when necessary. For example, I recently wrote a song about Sevastopol for the Black Sea Fleet ensemble. “

Ilya Reznik

As the poet noted, he maintained excellent relations with the Prima Donna. She is always the first to call at 9:30 am to wish him a happy birthday on his holiday. This is a long-standing tradition. According to him, on the birthday of Pugacheva’s husband, TV presenter Maxim Galkin, the star family sends him money. It all looks, as he noted, very touching. He has fraternal relations with Pugacheva since 1972, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Earlier it became known that Ilya Reznik moved out of the dacha, which he rented with his wife, to his Moscow apartment. The reason is that he had nothing to pay the bills with.

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