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Gabby Petito murder case – Laundrie family changes story about his disappearance

More than two weeks have passed since Brian Laundrie (23) disappeared – but there is still no trace of Gabby Petito’s alleged murderer. Instead, his family suddenly presents a new story about the case that moves America. Accordingly, two essential details apparently played out differently than previously known.

Detail 1: Laundrie probably disappeared earlier

In the story of the family so far, the story played out like this: Laundrie returned on
September 1st surprisingly back from the trip with Gabby – and went camping with his family (parents and sister) until September 7th.

On September 17, his parents finally reported Brian missing – although they said they hadn’t seen him since September 14.

The family now revoked this statement. Steven Bertolino, the lawyer for the Laundrie family, now portrayed the „New York Post“ following version: The parents hadn’t seen Brian since September 13th.

Detail 2: He flew home in between

Even stranger, it turns out that Laundrie got home before he actually got home. According to lawyer Bertolino, he flew from Utah to North Port (Florida) on August 17th. So five days after the violent argument with Gabby, as a result of which the couple ran into a police check. Five days later – on August 22nd – he flew back to Salt Lake City to meet Gabby.

The attorney stated in a surprising statement: “Brian flew home to fetch some items and to empty and close a storage room to save money.”

Whether Gabby was still alive at this point in time – unclear! Her relatives received messages from her cell phone until the end of August. But it is questionable whether these were actually sent by Gabby.

The body of 22-year-old Gabby Petito was only discovered a good three weeks after her parents reported the missing person in a national park in Wyoming.

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