The last straw was a scandal during the recording of one of the shows for YouTube, where Miami swore obscenely, expressing everything that he thinks about the ex-lover. It looks like Aizu was very hurt, so she decided to “take revenge” on Oleg. So, on personal social networks, the star published footage where she posed for the photographer completely naked. Apparently, the photos were taken in a hotel room: 36-year-old Dolmatova sat down on a bed with snow-white sheets and did not hesitate to demonstrate a toned and athletic body.

Users have rated these pictures and have written hundreds of comments. “So that Miami understands who I’ve lost”, “I used to exhibit these, too, when I parted with a guy,” “Olezha, look, look,” subscribers write.

By the way, fans told Aiza that they saw Oleg hugging a beautiful girl the day before. Someone decided to ask if she was jealous of her ex, but Dolmatova calmly wrote: “I’m not following him. But if hugs with others make him happy, then I’m only glad, ”the blogger wrote.

We will remind, Isa got along with Miami last spring. At first, the former Gufa denied everything and said that she and 30-year-old Oleg were only friends, but then the stars began to appear everywhere together and, in the end, declared themselves a couple. Their relationship was not simple – they often quarreled, exposing their feelings for show, but invariably put up. But now they decided to put an end to the relationship.

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