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From Yemen – Siamese twins separated in Jordan

10 months after their birth, a new life begins for Ahmed and Mohammed. The babies were born as Siamese twins in the civil war zone of Yemen and have now been separated from each other in a complicated operation in Jordan.

The OP, a first in Jordan! The babies, which had grown together on the upper body, survived the eight-hour operation well, said chief surgeon Fausi al-Hammuri on Sunday. The intervention in the Jordanian capital Amman had already taken place in July. 25 surgeons and technical advisors were involved.

The attending physicians only announced the successful operation now, because the twins, who are now almost ten months old, had to be given intensive care after the operation and had to be artificially ventilated and fed artificially for a long time. “We wanted to wait until we were one hundred percent sure that things were going well,” said al-Hammuri.

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The surgeon emphasized that the separation of the Siamese twins was “a rare and delicate” procedure. That he succeeded means “a medical success for the entire kingdom” of Jordan. Ahmed and Mohammed are now enjoying “excellent health”. They could return to Yemen with their parents in two or three weeks.

The twins and their parents were flown from Yemen to Jordan by the United Nations in February. When they arrived, the boys, born in mid-December, weighed only 3.7 kilograms together. Doctors had to wait until they weighed nine kilograms together.

Due to the poor equipment of the hospital in the rebel stronghold of Sanaa, it was “urgently necessary” to bring the twins, who had grown together on the upper body, abroad, said the clinic director Madschda al-Khatib at the time. According to their statements, each of the two children has their own heart, but the position is “not normal” for one of them.

In Yemen, war has been raging for six years between the troops of President Abd Rabbo Mansur Hadi, backed by Saudi Arabia and other Arab states, and the Shiite Houthi rebels backed by Iran.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed since then, and millions of residents have had to flee. Health care has completely collapsed in many places. In February 2019, Sana’a-born conjoined twins died two weeks after they were born.

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