From “tumor for Mexico” to “a disgrace”: the fierce battle of the spots in election year

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)
(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

On June 6, the largest elections in the history of the country will be held and because of this, a few weeks ago they began to proliferate spots both in radio like television that have generated important controversial for the messages they try to convey to the audience and which have even been withdrawn by electoral authorities.

A couple of weeks ago the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) approved its guidelines for guarantee “even pitch” in the process this year. Among the most relevant points that were decided in session was the prohibition of creating “voting” programs, in addition to use public resources to favor one or the other option.

It was also determined that the Access to the media must be equitable for parties and candidates, while the officials with the right to be re-elected may not carry out any Government report during pre-campaigns and campaigns.

Lorenzo Córdova, president of the INE, called on public servants at the three levels of government, from the Presidency of the Republic to the municipal governments to comply with the constitutional mandate that forces all “the impartial exercise of public resources”.

This is the Morena spot that was withdrawn by order of the INE (Video: Twitter @ mario_delgado)

He even pointed out that “the INE does not try to silence anyone, we simply want to avoid that in the 2021 elections, the use of public resources break electoral fairness and make us return to times of a Mexico for democratic”. He also pointed out that regulate the dissemination of propaganda that implies positioning of a candidate, party or coalition.

However, the controversy surrounding the content of the political spots did not take long and is expected to continue in the same way until end the electoral process. One of the first contents of which its suspension it was in which Morena criticized the coalition of the PRI, PAN and PRD.

The Complaints and Complaints Commission of the INE prohibited the reproduction of this audiovisual material. The reason this decision was made was because the material showed images of politicians and former presidents, which is understood as electoral propaganda, whose reproduction is a illicit during the pre-campaign.

Ciro Murayama, counselor of the INE, explained that this production where Morena labels the coalition a “Tumor for Mexico”, I was authorized to air in ordinary period, that is, it had to be published from April 3, 2021, once the electoral campaigns have started.

Subsequently, the INE also determined that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) should remove a spot where he called President López Obrador “a disgrace for Mexico”, Which was a response to the criticism about the alliance Going for Mexico (PRD, PAN and PRI).

This is the PRI spot, where they assured that Morena is a disgrace for Mexico. (Video: Twitter)

The 30-second spot begins by saying that Morena “promised that she would sweep from top to bottom, and he did it ”, referring to the phrase that the president of Mexico has said on multiple occasions about end corruption. However, the real intention is to say that Morena has finished with “the savings of Mexico”, “the medicines”,“ Children’s stays ”,“ money for the countryside ”,“job”.

Another of the controversies was around a PAN request to download Morena’s materials where it is ensured that they will renounce half of their prerogatives to finance the purchase of COVID-19 vaccines. The reason for this complaint was that he would have incurred use of social programs, but the counselors rejected the complaint, because they did not warn that such conduct was incurred.

Although the INE has reiterated that, officially, the electoral campaigns will begin on April 3, these videos could be marking the early start of “dirty” campaigns whereby the largest electoral process in the history of Mexico, where more than 21,000 public offices will be in dispute, including 15 governorships.

The battle that will be fought in the coming months is one that had not been seen on the electoral scene. On the one hand, the New and vigorous Morena political force will seek to secure even more power in the Chamber of Deputies and states, while on the other hand, the alliance of the PRI, PAN and PRD, old and historical rivals, now they will try at all costs balance the scales and keep your charges.


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