“From February they will go against Cristina”

Former Vice President Amado Boudou questioned this Friday the judicial decision that revoked the house arrest he had enjoyed since the beginning of the pandemic and, after ensuring that his case “is an anecdote”, assured that “you have to be concerned because I think that from February they will go against Cristina“.

The former official repeated that the case against him is “trout” and that “he is all armed”, while he ironically referred to the judicial system: “On December 30 at 9 pm they were working. It is a pride for Argentines to have public servants who work so hard. But it is a selective job. “

Then he insisted that the concern for him is the situation of Cristina Kirchner: “You have to be concerned about the judicial system that became a persecutory system where the most persecuted is the vice president of the Nation,” he said in dialogue with The Uncover Radio.

And he continued: “I am more concerned about what might happen with Argentina, not about my case. I think that from February they will go against Cristina,” he said.

Boudou also took the opportunity to send a political message about his situation: “Without a doubt I thought that one year with this government in power it would not be like this. What is happening is serious and democracy is degraded, “he said, referring to what Kirchnerism calls” lawfare. “

Cristina Kirchner and Amado Boudou, during the opening of ordinary sessions of Congress in 2014. Photo: AFP.

Cristina Kirchner and Amado Boudou, during the opening of ordinary sessions of Congress in 2014. Photo: AFP.

“The best thing that could happen in Argentina is that all the trout from these years are reviewed. In my case, purchased witnesses, expertise that was not made. There is a whole network where there is no evidence, only said. The most healing thing would be to be able to discuss this, “he said, adding:” We must annul the trial and do it again. “

Boudou also targeted the opposition by stating that he uses Justice as a tool to boycott legislative decisions: “Everything that is voted in Congress, the opposition’s response is’we are going to prosecute. Whether it is the law of termination of pregnancy or the pension reform. It is clear that there is a counterpower, which is a tool for the most powerful “.

The former Minister of Economy also defended his political career: “I do not regret anything. Everything gives me more and more certainty that it was okay.”

Late on Wednesday, on the edge of the closing of the judicial year (this Thursday is a holiday), Judge Daniel Obligado revoked the house arrest that Boudou enjoyed, so the former vice president must return to jail, to an extent that could become effective in the coming days. The magistrate, the same one who had granted the benefit to the former vice president at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, made the decision 27 days after it the Supreme Court will confirm the sentence to 5 years and 10 months in prison for the Ciccone case.

Boudou was convicted of the crimes of passive bribery (receiving bribes) and negotiations incompatible with the public function and for this reason he was also disqualified for life from holding public office.

On what is coming for the future, Boudou pointed to the electoral campaign in the face of the legislative elections: “I fear that everything is mounted on the judicial situation of the K and not on the policies that the government has already implemented and will try during the coming months. “.


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