From December 1 to 12, they register excess mortality in CDMX

From December 1 to 12, 4,681 deaths were registered among residents of Mexico City, which represents a excess mortality of 2,664 additional events to those expected for that period; this is 214 daily deaths, according to the Excess Mortality report from the capital government.

It is worth mentioning that from April to December there has been an excess of mortality of 37,523; in April, 2,451 cases were registered; in May, 9,894; in June, 5 thousand 825; in July, 3,388; in August, 3,216; in September, 2,918; in October, 3,183 deaths; and in November, 4,084 more than those contemplated for that month.

The Excess Mortality report, published this Saturday by the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), indicates that of the 4,681 deaths of residents of the capital that occurred on the first 12 days of December, 1,900 are associated with Covid-19, which includes confirmed and suspected deaths.

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“The deaths recorded as Covid-19 deaths or due to suspicion, they increased by 62% from the month prior to the current one. However, they are still 13% lower than the highest point of deaths from this condition observed in May ”, it was reported.

It is worth mentioning that in the period from December 1 to 12 there were, on average, 159 deaths per day; That is, it exceeds all the previous months but not May, when 5,631 deaths were registered with a daily average of 181.

According to the report, 79.6% of the deaths registered during the month of December correspond to residents of Mexico City, while 18.3% are from residents of the State of Mexico and 2.1% from other entities in the country.

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Until December 25, a total of 20 thousand 788 deaths have been reported due to Covid-19, as well as 310 thousand 843 confirmed cases and 34 thousand 190 active cases, in addition there are 5 thousand 615 people hospitalized in the capital of the country, which which represents 80% of the occupation.

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