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From 9 a.m. at BILD LIVE – Chancellor Showdown in the Bundestag!

The general election is getting closer and closer, in 19 days Germany will elect a new Bundestag – and thus also the basis for the first Chancellor after 16 years, Angela Merkel.

In the Bundestag there will be a Chancellor Showdown on Tuesday morning from 9 a.m. (to be seen on BILD LIVE). In addition to Chancellor Merkel, all three candidates for Chancellor – Armin Laschet (60, CDU), Olaf Scholz (62, SPD) and Annalena Baerbock (40) – will speak to the MPs.

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“Situation in Germany” is the topic of what will probably be the last session of the Bundestag in the 19th electoral period before the upcoming election. So the topic could not be taken any further in order to experience a final competition between the three candidates for chancellor in the Bundestag.

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