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French police pick up fake dealers

EAn intoxicating success report from the Paris police turned out to be a false report: instead of party drugs, the French investigators confiscated Haribo strawberries made from foamed sugar.

On Wednesday, the police had reported that they had dug a workshop for packaging the synthetic drug Ecstasy in the northern suburb of Saint-Ouen and confiscated hot party goods worth one million euros. Attached photos showed small bags of pink powder and pink pills.

Only two days later, the Bobigny public prosecutor’s office briefly reported that a toxicological test showed that the powder was neither “anesthetic nor any other toxic substance”. In fact, they are “crushed” mousse strawberries from Haribo, which are also called “Tagada” in France. The manufacturers apparently wanted to deceive buyers who were hoping for a real intoxication. In France this trick is also called “carotte” (German: carrot).

Two men whom the police linked to the “counterfeit” drugs were arrested and taken into custody in an investigation into the stolen phone trafficking. A total of 23 cell phones were confiscated from the home of the main suspect, a 20-year-old Algerian.

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