The French group Total completely evacuated its personnel and ceased the activity of a gas extraction plant in northern Mozambique, after the jihadist assault on the neighboring city of Palma last week.

“Total is gone,” a security source told AFP. The oil giant “decided to evacuate all its personnel,” said another military source.

Surveillance drones showed that the jihadists were in areas “very close” to the Afungi gas plant.

The Afungi peninsula is 10 kilometers from Palma, where the jihadist attack on March 24 caused the death of dozens of people.

More than 2,600 people have died in more than 830 attacks carried out by Islamists in the last three years.

The military chief in Afungi, Chongo Vidigal, had assured Thursday that the gas plant, whose construction had not yet finished, was “protected”.

Total had already evacuated part of its staff and suspended construction work at the end of December, but last week’s attack marked a substantial increase in the jihadist threat in the Cabo Delgado province, where the gas plant is located.

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