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Freezing weather and snow envelop northern states

The winter storms maintained low temperatures in the northern states of the country, where a polar air mass, combined with the passage of cold front 24, has kept the cold weather.

The states where winter landscapes have been most evident are Chihuahua and Durango, where snow and sleet fell, while in Sonora the thermometer is expected to be below zero degrees in mountain areas; in addition to the presence of cold in the north of Zacatecas and San Luis Potosí.

In Chihuahua, temperatures reached minus 11 degrees, and 13 highway sections had to be closed due to the snowfall caused by the fourth winter storm.

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In Chihuahua, 13 highway sections were closed, as they were covered with ice. Photo: SPECIAL.

Authorities of the State Coordination of Civil Protection indicated that the crystallized snow in the asphalt layer keeps the sections closed to circulation and others are with partial circulation due to the risk they represent.

The agency reported that yesterday, Saturday, January 2, the new mass of air polar that reinforced cold front number 24, in interaction with the jet stream and a low pressure channel, favored an environment from icy to very cold.

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Likewise, it was reported that today a cold to very cold environment in the morning, and cool to warm in the afternoon, although in municipalities like Madera and El Vergel, the thermometer could reach minus seven degrees.

In Durango, the state government reported that it is waiting for the declaration of emergency in the 13 municipalities where snow fell in recent days, leaving damages, mainly in highway sections.

Daniel González, spokesman for Civil Protection of the state, commented that, after the strong frosts registered, it is sought to grant the declaration of emergency to most of the municipalities, in order to prepare for situations of future temperature drops.

The spokesperson added that in the coming days the weather forecast indicates that the temperature will rise and there will be more sunny parts.

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In Coahuila, the Sierra de Arteaga was covered in white, causing two sections of Highway 112 to be closed, because the asphalt layer was completely covered in ice.

The sections most affected, reported the Undersecretariat of Civil Protection, was the one that leads to Monterreal and the Exrancho El Frisón. In addition, the undersecretary warned of temperatures below zero in the mountainous parts of Coahuila.

In Sonora, the State Coordination for Civil Protection (CEPC) alerted the population to take precautions due to the intense cold that is registered with temperatures of up to minus nine degrees Celsius in the mountainous area bordering Chihuahua, and minus seven degrees in the north and northeast regions.

Low temperatures will continue with moderate gusts of wind and no probability of rain due to the effects of a low pressure channel, it was reported.

The Secretary of Government, through Civil protection, He called on the population to take extreme precautions due to the intense cold that will be registered in the coming days, mainly in the northern and northeastern regions of the state, as well as in the mountain ranges bordering Chihuahua.

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