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France: Police think Haribo strawberries are ecstasy

25 kilograms of confiscated ecstasy worth around one million euros: What initially announced itself as a pretty successful manhunt by the Paris police has turned out to be an embarrassing misjudgment.

On Wednesday, French drug investigators reported that a workshop for packaging the synthetic drug Ecstasy had been excavated in the northern suburb of Saint-Ouen and that goods worth one million euros had been confiscated. Attached photos showed small bags of pink powder and pink pills.

Two days later, the public prosecutor’s office just reported that, according to a toxicological study, the powder had nothing to do with “narcotics or other toxic substances.” In fact, they were “crushed” mousse strawberries from Haribo, which are also called “Tagada” in France, specified a source close to the investigation.

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