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France – pill free for women under 25

The pill for money! It’s now available for women under 25 in France. In future, you will no longer have to pay for hormonal contraception with the contraceptive pill.

Health insurance minister Olivier Véran announced on Thursday on the French broadcaster France2 that the costs will be covered by the health insurance company.

The minister: “More and more young women are foregoing contraception for financial reasons.” By the age of 25, many would have more money at their disposal.

The new regulation is expected to cost around 21 million euros annually.

So far, only underage girls have been able to get the pill free of charge in France. Between 2012 and 2018, this contributed to a decrease in the number of abortions from 9.5 to 6 in 1,000 cases.

Since last year, girls under the age of 15 have also been able to get the pill free of charge in France. Until then, according to the government, an average of 1,000 girls between 12 and 14 were pregnant each year, and 770 of them terminated the pregnancy.

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