France: “If the term Islamophobia is used, it is only beaten”

Sore, Klaus Kinzler, 61, has been teaching German language and culture at a private elite university, the Institut des Sciences Po in Grenoble, for 25 years. In an email exchange with a colleague, he criticized the term Islamophobia. As a result, he and another colleague were branded a “fascist”. Their names were posted on the walls of the college.

WORLD: Mr. Kinzler, how did you feel when you saw your name on the wall of your university?

Klaus Kinzler: To be honest, I was not surprised, but rather prepared by the student union’s campaign, which pulled me through the dirt on social networks by portraying me as a right-wing extremist and Islamophobe. It is only a small step to become a fascist. Something unsavory is actually pasted up on these walls at our university every day. That’s not the worst part of this affair.

WORLD: What’s the worst?

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