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Four dead in California: The shooter knew his victims

Four dead in California
Gunslinger knew his victims

Gunshots were fired in an office building in Southern California and four people died. It was the third act of this magnitude in the United States in just two weeks.

A shooter who killed four people in California knew his victims, according to police. After the crime on Wednesday evening (local time) in an office building in the small town of Orange, the investigators identified the alleged perpetrator as a 44-year-old man who had a “personal or business relationship” with the dead. Hours earlier, two people were killed and three others injured in gunfire in the US capital, Washington. It was apparently about the escalation of a dispute between two groups, said police chief Robert Contee. The injured were not in mortal danger.

In the California crime, three adults and a nine-year-old boy were killed and one woman was seriously injured. According to police spokeswoman Jennifer Amat, the shooter had locked the entrance gate to the office complex with a chain lock. Officials fired shots through the bars in an attempt to overpower the perpetrator. The man was taken to hospital injured after the exchange of fire. At the scene of the crime, the investigators found a gun and a backpack with pepper spray, handcuffs and ammunition. The building complex housed, among other things, a family therapist, an insurance company and a real estate agent, reported US media.

Need for stricter gun laws in the US

The White House expressed dismay. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the California incident was disturbing and another example of “pointless gun violence”. He also underlined the need for stricter gun laws in the US. Fatal incidents involving firearms that are easy to buy there regularly occur in the United States.

It was the third comparable incident with at least four deaths in around two weeks. On March 22, a gunman killed ten people in a supermarket in the state of Colorado. A few days earlier, eight people had been shot dead in three massage parlors in and around Atlanta, Georgia. After the gunfire attacks, the political debate about tougher legislation has flared up again.

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