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Förster at BILD – “I wish Julia …”

“Julia, is that you?”

Chilled, hungry and weakened and scared after 45 hours alone in the forest – this is how forester Martin Semecký (31) found the missing girl from Berlin in the forest around Domažlice (Czech Republic) on Tuesday. Now the hero forester speaks at BILD!

That morning he had been looking for the child on a hunter’s high seat at a spring in the forest. Without success! Fortunately, the forester and two colleagues returned to the place after lunch. Semecký: “She was sitting about ten meters away in the tall grass. We were overjoyed that we found them after such a long time. “

What went through his head when he discovered the girl and how the contact was made – at BILD LIVE he tells how exactly the miracle of the Bohemian Forest happened:

One day after she was rescued in the border area of ​​the Czech Republic, Julia has now left the hospital accompanied by family members. She was gone for almost two days. “Except for a slight scratch on the leg, the child was uninjured,” said police spokesman Florian Beck. The medics had slowly warmed up the hypothermic girl.

The eight-year-old got lost on a hike with her family on the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf) on Sunday. More than 1,400 emergency services were looking for her. Julia had to spend two days and two bitterly cold nights in the rough terrain all by herself.

Forester Martin is still overwhelmed by the feelings on the day after Juliet’s rescue: “That we have found her is something very special!”

Semecký: “Of course she didn’t trust us at first.” The forester knows: “That was definitely a very difficult situation for her. In the forest you hear so many noises … “

So far he has had no further contact with Julia or the girl’s parents. “I’ll leave that to the family,” says the forester. But he still has one wish for the eight-year-old. Addressed to Julia, he says on BILD LIVE:

“I wish Julia a long and happy life – and that she does not have bad memories of the forest. And that she doesn’t have to be afraid of him in the future. ”

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