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forscher alarmed – climate change in Germany particularly fast!

Another warning. Again, it’s the climate. But it affects us in Germany in particular: climate change is evidently advancing even faster here than elsewhere. At least that’s what the numbers on the rise in average temperature suggest.

While the global temperature is on average around 1.1 degrees above the period from 1881 to 1910, it is almost 1.6 degrees in Germany, as a factual paper by the German Weather Service (DWD) shows.

“We are just leaving the climatic comfort zone,” said the Kiel climate researcher Mojib Latif at the start of the 11th Extreme Weather Congressit in Hamburg. He warned of a “hostile world” if people continued to head towards global warming of three degrees.

The hot summer of 2018, the temperature record of 41.2 Celsius in 2019 and this year’s flood disaster showed that climate change also has Germany firmly under control. “The world has to act,” said Latif.

That DWD-Papier shows that the amount of precipitation during the Ahr flood in July would most likely have been significantly lower without climate change. It also sees an increase in heat waves and droughts.

“But we still have a chance to at least dampen the threatening consequences of climate change,” said Tobias Fuchs from the German Weather Service.

Until Friday, scientists will discuss the latest findings in climate research. The experts agree that humans are the drivers of climate change.

Climate change has always existed, but not so quickly, says the meteorologist and TV presenter Sven Plöger: “In 30 years we will experience changes that would take nature 100 years for itself.”

Frank Böttcher from the German Meteorological Society explains that the expected developments in the climate system are manageable for mankind, but now urgently need to be addressed.

He already sees a greater climate and more environmentally friendly development in many companies than in politics. “The new federal government will not only have to catch up here. It must also take away the competitive disadvantages that still exist from the companies that are driving the transformation process, ”said Böttcher.

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