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Former Mexican WWE stars complain about lack of representation at Wrestlemania 37

Former WWE wrestlers, Sin Cara and Andrade, “El Ídolo”, expressed their frustration at the lack of Mexican representation in the “Vitrina de los Inmortales”, Wrestlemania 37

Wrestlemania 37 It is one of the most anticipated events of the year for the wrestling world, as it marks the mass return of fans inside the stadium for the first time in a year, a month and a day.

The event’s billboard is made up of some of the biggest superstars in the world. WWE, including debutants of the caliber of Bianca Belairas well as veterans like Edge, Daniel Bryan Y Roman Reigns.

However, the event does not have any Mexican stars, which has caused some discomfort in certain fighters who belonged to the company. Gold Ribbon, best known for his passage in WWE What Faceless and the newly released Andrade, “The idol”, They shared their opinion regarding the lack of Mexican representation at the event.

“The sad reality of Mexicans in WWE, none of them will be participating in #Wrestlemania this year! ” was the message published by the masked man through the social network Twitter.

The sentiment expressed by Faceless was shared by Andrade, who also posted a tweet in Spanish and English about it. “No Mexican wrestler in #Wrestlemania.”

Importantly, both fighters left the company on negative company terms. In the case of Faceless, the Mexican was fired after suffering multiple injuries that prevented him from having continuous work programs, which is why WWE He lost interest in promoting him as a masked wrestler and handed over the Sin Cara mantle to another athlete.

On the side of Andrade, he asked to be released from his contract after spending months without action, after an injury during 2020. The fighter recovered and was not used by WWE.

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