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Foreign Minister Lisandro Rosales meets with Ricardo Zúñiga in the United States

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Lisandro Rosales placeholder image, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, met this Friday with the diplomat Ricardo Zuniga, appointed by US President Joe Biden to deal with immigration issues in the Northern Triangle.

Through a tweet from the Honduran Embassy in the United States, authorities confirmed the high-level meeting, which also includes the presence of Katherine Dueholm, acting deputy assistant secretary for Mexico and Central America, and Patrick Ventrell, director for Central America.

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“It is the first political dialogue with Mr. Ricardo Zúñiga, Mr. Juan Gonzáles and other representatives of the Biden administration. Subsequently, the different working groups will be set up throughout the day, where the United States will also have representatives of the very high level, “explained Lisandro.

Likewise, they detailed that five priority areas will be discussed within the agenda items, including transparency and anti-corruption, security, reconstruction, climate change, economic opportunities and human rights.

“In this bilateral dialogue (between the United States and Honduras) that we are resuming today in Washington with the administration of President Biden, priority is given to issues of common interest, which have implications for the development, security and stability of the region,” said the head of Foreign Relations via Twitter.

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For its part, Carlos Madero, government coordinator, explained that these five issues “are of common interest to both countries,” so they will begin to engage in mutual work talks. “A bit of how we are going to enter, how we are going to structure and is part of the dynamics of this dialogue,” he said.


At the beginning of the week, with the visit of Ricardo Zúñiga to Guatemala and El Salvador, various Honduran sectors began to speculate on their passage through Central America without including the Honduran nation as one of their destinations.

In this sense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs assured that several meetings had been held with representatives of the North American country for a few days.

“The work tables have been planned since February and they are already reaching their most important point to start with the agenda, as well as with the collaboration that must exist between both countries at the highest level,” he reiterated.

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