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Forced prostitution in Germany – “The worse I was beaten, the better I earn”


With this sentence, so-called loverboys force young women in particular into prostitution. Loverboys are pimps and human traffickers. The Federal Criminal Police Office warns that they are currently looking for their victims in a targeted manner on the Internet, in social networks and dating portals.

They seduce the mostly underage girls with compliments, build an intense bond with them with the prospect of a future together.

The perpetrators take advantage of this feigned love affair to send the young women into prostitution. They usually have no other choice and are so emotionally bound to the man that they take to the streets for him.

In the BILD report, two women speak who fell victim to this perfidious loverboy scam: Sandra Norak (32) and Katharina M. (39). The two women were in forced prostitution for six and eleven years respectively.

They talk about their time in flat-rate brothels and whorehouses, about brutal suitors and their long, difficult exit from prostitution.

Another dropout gives a dramatic insight into the German red light milieu

Also the native Brazilian Liliam Altuntas (41) was a victim of human trafficking. She was abducted to Germany at the age of 14 and had to sell her body to strangers here for almost ten years.

In BILD she exclusively tells her story. The film is dedicated to her painful fate as a prostitute in Germany and her new life in northern Italy.

Today all three women are politically committed to the Nordic model from Sweden, which forbids buying sex and punishes clients.

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