The ESPN analyst considers that there was no fault in the play that referee Jorge Isaac Rojas scored against Pachuca in CU

Felipe Ramos Rizo, former referee and analyst of ESPN, he assured that the penalty in favor of Pumas, which resulted in the goal of tie for cats in the game before Pachuca, should not have been signaled despite the fact that the VAR and the whistle Jorge Isaac Rojas they considered it valid.

“Now they sanction a non-existent criminal Pumas“wrote the contributor to ESPN from your account Twitter, same in which he described the work of Rojas in the duel and where he criticized his performance at the University Olympic Stadium.

Ramos Rizo He maintained, since the expulsion of Miguel Herrera Equihua, that the central defender of the game between Felinos and Tuzos was not up to the task, since he should never have shown the red card to the Mexican defender.

“How bad is it Isaac rojas. Terrible expulsion of the player from Pachuca, Herrera, “he said in the first half of the duel.

“How good he corrected, but that doesn’t take away from how bad he is [Rojas]. Well, neither Herrera deserved yellow, “added the former World Cup in Korea-Japan 2002.

In the same way, he criticized that a penalty was not given to Pachuca by one hand in the area of Pumas and that the action was not reviewed by the video arbitration, otherwise the red of Herrera Equihua.

“Now it does not sanction a penalty in favor of Pachuca at minute 53 “.

It was like this Ramos Rizo criticized the work of Jorge Isaac Rojas in a duel that ended with a two-goal tie.