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For disabled son – wife (69) earns $ 100,000 a year with sex

Michelle is 69 years old and sleeps with much younger men. The American is a sex worker and claims to earn more than $ 100,000 a year from her job.

Presumably a few more talers will be added in the future. Because the senior citizen has now told her story in a documentary. Media from all over the world report on them.

Michelle has a disabled son and has serious heart disease. In the “Vice” documentary, the 69-year-old tells that she is afraid of sudden cardiac death. She saves the money for her child so that it is cared for in the event of her death.

According to her own statements, the 69-year-old worked for an investment company, but lost her job about 15 years ago. A friend recommended that she make a living doing sex work. And so Michelle began to pamper customers with erotic massages.

Massages turned into sexual intercourse – and at the beginning of January 2020, the American discovered the Internet for herself. The blonde has set up an account on the OnlyFans platform, where adults can earn money with clear content.

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Since then, Michelle claims to have made more than $ 200,000 in less than two years. That corresponds to almost 175,000 euros.

The 69-year-old uploads pornographic images and videos to the erotic portal. To do this, she is looking for young men who can have sex with her in front of the camera.

“I have absolutely no problem getting paid for my service,” says the sex worker. Michelle also makes no secret of the fact that she enjoys intercourse.

“People think that after a certain age it’s better to crochet blankets and stop having sex. But it’s like this: You can crochet blankets AND have sex! “

The senior citizen, who used to have to turn every penny twice, apparently combines the pleasant with the useful. With the OnlyFans dollars, Michelle fulfilled a little dream and bought a car.

The rest of the money is saved for her son.

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