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For ‘Canelo’, youtubers do not necessarily affect boxing

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez considers that these types of events serve as a bridge for other audiences to approach the sport of fists

Many boxing purists believe that the events starring youtubers Jake Paul and his brother Logan make the sport a circus and unprofessional act, but for ‘Canelo’, they do not necessarily affect boxing, but they even serve as a bridge for another public to approach the sport of fists.

The Paul brothers have been organizing some events, and in the last one, it has been said that Jake surpassed one million homes sold on pay-per-view. In that event, he knocked out martial artist Ben Askren in one episode. There is talk that Logan will soon make an exhibition against Floyd Mayweather.

“The truth is that he (Jake) obviously brings another audience, the boxing audience is different, we bring the boxing audience and personally another audience that maybe doesn’t see much boxing but wants to see Canelo, he brings another audience, the youtubers, younger people and it’s good that people start to know boxing on the other hand”Said ‘Canelo’ in a talk with ESPN KNOCKOUT, even showing that he does not dislike a possible duel between Julio César Chávez Jr. and Jake Paul.

On the other hand, he appreciated the response that the fans have had for his May 8 fight against Billy Joe Saunders at the Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas, which will be adapted for 68 thousand fans according to what some sources involved have said to ESPN KNOCKOUT.

“I feel happy because we broke the presale record, I feel very good, grateful to the people and I hope they enjoy this fight. I feel happy, motivated, I am here for that, to make history and this for me is very important, it is what motivates me to continue, ”added the 30-year-old from Jalisco.


One of the constants in the social networks of ‘Canelo’ Álvarez has been the help for various social causes, and to try to put a filter, he showed the possibility of creating a foundation or an entity that is dedicated exclusively to it. “Sometimes I would love to tell people not to put those things, there are times they say ‘help me to pay for my house or lend me a million dollars’, it does not make sense, but I love to help and in the near future I will do something so that it is the correct conduit to be able to help several people, ”said the Mexican.

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