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For broadcasting live, truck driver crashes into bridge

Through social networks, a video was released where allegedly the driver of the trailer that collided with a pedestrian bridge on Garza Sada Avenue


Through social networks it became known a video where allegedly the driver of the trailer that hit a pedestrian bridge on Garza Sada Avenue, broadcast live when the accident happened.

At dawn on December 31, a driver of a trailer that was transporting white spirit ended up hitting the base of a pedestrian bridge, causing damage to the structure and road chaos for more than seven hours.

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And during the last hours, a video circulated through social networks where the alleged person responsible for the accident, he broadcast live through his Facebook account and where minutes later the transmission is cut right in the accident area.

In the video you can see how the truck driver is circulating on Eugenio Garza Sada avenue with music and passing vehicles, even in the same video it is observed how it passes right next to another heavy vehicle.

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In the same way, it is possible to appreciate that At the time of the video, the weather conditions presented rain and slippery pavementMinutes later, when the driver of the heavy unit arrives near the point of the accident, he drops his cell phone and is heard saying some high-sounding words before the video is cut.

According to the driver’s version of the accident, the accident where the trailer knocked down a light, to later tear off an advertisement and end up hitting the base of the pedestrian bridge would have been generated according to the driver’s version that a vehicle would have obstructed the traffic lane.

However, what the video shows where the person responsible for the accident was presumably driving, it is not observed that at some point a vehicle is crossed in its path.

The maneuvers by the authorities lasted more than seven hours to remove the structure of the pedestrian bridge, since due to the damage it represented a danger to those who circulated in the area.

So much was the traffic caused by the closure in both directions that those who passed by the accident site took up to 2 hours to be able to transit through the site.

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