Forensic expert Sergei Sokolov said that the widow of actor Alexei Batalov might not have signed rent contracts with actress Natalia Drozhzhina and her husband, lawyer Mikhail Tsivin. Or she did not do it alone. Someone talentedly forged her handwriting in some documents.

As Sokolov noted, he conducted a thorough investigation into this dark story. In his conclusion, he wrote that the underlining examination, which had previously been carried out by the experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, does not meet the requirements of the current legislation on the production of forensic examinations.

β€œIt was carried out incompletely, in violation of the methodology, and the conclusions made are unreliable, unfounded and raise doubts. I recommend doing a second study. “

Sergey Sokolov

As Sokolov noted, Leontenko’s signatures were made not by one, but by several people. He is sure that they were staged by different performers, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Recall that lawyer Tsivin and his wife Drozhzhina are suspected of major real estate fraud of actor Alexei Batalov and his family. They could face up to ten years in prison, if, of course, the investigation succeeds in proving their guilt.

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