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For a new stove – “I took a cold shower for a year”

Gronau – smart calculations, but in the end it is the ice-cold regulations that count.

Pensioner Dagmar Schmitz (68) from Gronau (North Rhine-Westphalia) must not have any unforeseen expenses per month. The little money you have is precisely planned: 616 euros pension, 296 euros basic security from the social welfare office go for additional rental costs (including 50 euros for electricity, 80 euros for heating), food, telephone, clothing. The office pays 290 euros basic rent.

When the stove stopped working properly, Dagmar, a pensioner, faced a major problem: “The authorities said I would not get a subsidy. I have to save myself. “

The former saleswoman starts to take a cold shower, just turns on a radiator. With success: “My ancillary costs were cut in half. I was proud when my landlord brought me a credit of 416 euros. ”Dagmar uses this to buy a used stove.

But the social welfare office calculates differently: For the authority, the shower and heating money saved counts as income! The result: In the next five months, Dagmar will receive 86.51 euros less basic security. Instead of 296.68 only 210.17 euros.

The pensioner desperately: “How should I live from it?”

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