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Footpath collapsed in Brazil – 30 people fell into sewers

Joinville – In the south of Brazil, 30 people fell into the sewer system when parts of a promenade suddenly broke away at the opening ceremony of the Christmas season.

21 adults and 12 children were taken to hospitals, no one was seriously injured.

“Fathers and mothers with children in their arms fell down,” said Ricardo Korb, a resident of Joinville, the Brazilian news portal “G1“. They landed about two meters deeper in the mud.

The event was interrupted after the accident. Security guards and rescue teams provided first aid, the Joinville city council announced on Monday evening (local time). The fire brigade, police, rescue service and civil defense were on duty. Why the footpath gave way was initially unclear.

According to information from the city administration on Tuesday morning, all the injured have now been released from the clinics.

The largest city in the state of Santa Catarina is dominated by German immigrants. The cultural Christmas with performances by a choir, Christmas decorations and the arrival of St. Nicholas is one of the fixed events on the annual calendar.

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