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Florida: Shark attack in shallow water – Jay (9) survived attack seriously injured – News abroad

Little Jay was bathing with his mother in the shallow water on the beach in Miami, Florida, when he suddenly cried out in pain. When his mother pulled him up out of waist-high water, she was terribly shocked: Jay’s upper arm was perforated and a piece of skin was missing in the shoulder area.

Kristine Weiskopf to “Local 10 News”: “I had held him the whole time, he let himself drift a little with the waves. Then he fell on his stomach. ”At the same moment she saw a shark swimming away, grabbed the nine-year-old and ran with him in a panic to the beach.

The terrible wounds on Jay's upper body.  Doctors sewed the deep flesh wound on the shoulder with more than 20 stitches

The terrible wounds on Jay’s upper body. Doctors sewed the deep flesh wound on the shoulder with more than 20 stitchesPhoto: Kristine Weiskopf

Jay’s luck: The shark had apparently quickly realized that it wasn’t prey, and quickly let go of him. But still a horror wound remained: the doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital had to sew the gaping flesh wound in the shoulder with more than 20 stitches, and innumerable bite marks were left where the shark struck its teeth in the skin.

The doctors warned of possible infections, but given Jay’s young age they promised a good recovery. But he may need a skin graft later.

Florida tops the list of shark attacks worldwide in 2020. Overall, 58 percent of the worldwide attacks happened in the USA – there were a total of 33 attacks, according to statistics from the University of Florida. 16 of these attacks took place in Florida.

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