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Florida Removes Age Limits on Covid-19 Vaccination of Adults

Miami, United States.

Vaccination centers against covid-19 in Florida are preparing to receive a greater number of people starting this Monday, when everyone over 18 years old residents of the state will be able to have access to immunization.

April 5 is the date from which only children and adolescents will be excluded from the vaccination in this southern state, which is the third in number of cases and the fourth in number of deaths from the new coronavirus in the entire country.

But there are even places where those over 16 can be vaccinated, like Hard Rock Stadium, located on the outskirts of Miami.

“We are anticipating a very busy week with the new (vaccination) criteria” in Florida, Mike Jachels, spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which has vaccination centers for Miami, told Miami television channel NBC 6. the whole country.

To date, 9.7 million vaccines have been supplied in Florida, 6.3 million first doses and 3.4 million secondAccording to figures from the state Department of Health, which has more than 21 million inhabitants.

Healthcare workers

Vaccination started in Florida in mid-December and in the first place the health workers on the front line of the fight against covid-19 and those over 65, both those who live in residences for the elderly and those who live at home.

Since March 1 there have been in Florida more than 2.1 million cases and 34,000 deaths from covid-19.

According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2,351 cases of the disease have been registered in Florida. “British” variant of covid-19, 55 from the “Brazilian” and 16 from the “South African”.

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