Miami, Apr 2 (EFE) .- The governor of Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, prohibited by decree this Friday to public entities and state companies any requirement to demonstrate that a person is vaccinated against covid-19, in order to avoid creating “two classes of citizens”.

DeSantis, close to former President Donald Trump and contrary to any restriction of economic activity that invokes the need to prevent the new coronavirus, had already expressed his opposition to the so-called “vaccination passports” and warned that he would not allow them in this southeastern state from USA

In the recitals of executive order 21-18, which took effect immediately, it is stated that “individual covid-19 vaccination records are private health information that should not be shared by mandate.”

It also states that “the so-called covid-19 vaccine passports reduce individual freedom and will damage the privacy of the patient.”

The DeSantis decree, which throughout the pandemic has not made the use of masks mandatory and continues to not do so despite a request to that effect made by President Joseph Biden, highlights that Florida seeks to ensure that anyone who wants to be vaccinated can do so , but “said vaccines will not be mandatory.”

Florida is the third US state with the highest number of cases and the fourth in number of deaths from covid-19, according to the Johns Hopkins University account.

According to the Florida Department of Health, from March 1, 2020 until this Thursday, April 1, 2021, 2,071,015 and 34,239 deaths from covid-19 had been registered in Florida.

This Friday alone, new cases totaled 6,490 and positivity was 6.10%.

According to the decree, “many Floridians have not yet had the opportunity to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine, some have immunity acquired through infection and others may not be able to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine due to health, religious or other reasons. kind”.

“Requiring so-called covid-19 vaccine passports to participate in everyday life, such as attending a sporting event, sponsoring a restaurant or going to a movie, would create two classes of citizens based on vaccination,” the decree states.

By reason of this executive order, no Florida government entity or its subdivisions, agents, or assignees may issue vaccine passports, vaccine passes, or other standardized documentation for the purpose of certifying a person’s immunization status or publishing or sharing the any person’s immunization record or similar health information.

But in addition, companies in Florida are prohibited from requiring users or customers to provide any documentation certifying vaccination to gain access, entry, or service from the company.

“All executive agencies under my direction will work to ensure that companies comply with this order,” he added.

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