Florencia Peña cried when she heard the testimony of the mother of the 3-year-old boy murdered in La Matanza

Flor Peña was moved by the story of Benjamín, the 3-year-old boy who died of a bullet in the chest (Video: Flor de Equipo, Telefe)

A 3-year-old boy was killed by a bullet in the chest at the door of his house in the Buenos Aires town of González Catán. The incident occurred in a house located at 4900 Larraya Street, when two men got out of a Ford Focus and, in circumstances that are still being investigated, began to shoot at the house where he was. Benjamin Iñigo.

Melina, the child’s mother, gave more details of this tragic episode to the cycle Team flower, conducted by Florence Peña. Very sad, he assured: “Since my son was shot, I have no consolation. I want justice to be served because this block is full of boys. I have a two-year-old girl (Juanita) who asks about her brother. They took everything from me ”.

Upon hearing his statements, the actress was moved and could not help crying in front of the cameras. During the talk, Benjamin’s mother pointed out: “It seems that the same bullet that passed my mother-in-law through the leg went straight to my baby’s heart. With the same bullet he wounded and killed my son … “.

In addition, he related what happened when the little one was shot in the chest: “On top of that, all he did was look at me, he made me a face … It didn’t take long … We took my son in the car, he was dying and when we got to the hospital he died. They spent an hour reviving him and he was already dead ”.

Benjamín Iñigo, 3 years old
Benjamín Iñigo, 3 years old

At first, investigators suspected that the crime it was a reckoning against the minor’s uncle, Cristian Iñigo, 20 years old. But Melina denied it: “I want to clarify that it was not a settling of accounts, we are good people who work. My brother-in-law was robbed between five and we have to be grateful that nothing happened to him … ”.

Later, the victim’s mother assured that those in charge of this crime belong to a gang made up of minors. “The only thing I want to ask the prosecutor is that they are in prison, that they do not come out and ask that they speed up quickly so that I can bury my son, I still have him there because the papers have to be moved. I still can’t give my baby rest, ”she explained.

At the end of the talk, Florencia said a few words of comfort to him, very moved: “Melina, we hug you from here. I swear I feel your pain because I am a mother. I hug you tight and I hope they have justice. For your little one and for all the little ones who don’t deserve to go through something like that. I send you a huge, huge kiss, and thank you for coming out to give your testimony ”.

Within the framework of the investigation, four suspects, including two adolescents aged 16 and 17, were arrested between Sunday night and early Monday, accused of having participated in the crime of Benjamín. The detainees were identified as Héctor Jesús Santiago Villalba, alias “Papu”, 19, who had an unnumbered 9-millimeter Browning pistol with five cartridges seized from his home; Matías Nicolás Barrera, alias “Achi”, 25 years old; and two adolescents aged 16 and 17, identified as DV and LDD, among which would be the alleged perpetrator of the shot that killed the child.

In the raids carried out in González Catán and Laferrere by members of the 2nd Police Station of the Buenos Aires Police jurisdiction and detectives of the DDI of La Matanza Long 22 caliber ammunition was also seized, the same from the three served pods collected by experts at the crime scene, according to sources from the case confirmed to Infobae.


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